Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Game Day

Hi There.  Still here in Virgina Beach at the National Championships.  Day four of matches will take place tonight.  At this point in the tournament, the points table is pretty close - tonight's matches will have a huge impact on who is in best position to take home the title.  We take on the CAPA (California Pennsylvania) team (us and capa both have four points) so its an important match.  Our NJ team is pretty young but extremely talented - it has been exciting to be play with younger kids who have so much energy, enthusiasm, and skill. If you want to follow the tournament, you can get the results at

Well, I ought to get going.  Its about time to take my pre-game shower, and get some pre-game fuel (aka food).  Its going to be a hot one on the turf!  I don't have many pregame "rituals" besides taking a shower and doing my hair.  My logic is that if you look good, you play good.  I'm not sure if these things are exactly correlated, but they seem to give me confidence on game days. . . GO NJ!

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