Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Big Hello from "Heaven"

Coach Shelton, the Head Coach of the North Carolina Tar Heel Field Hockey Team calls Chapel Hill heaven. I think she is right. However, my niece Kylie, a four year old future Tar Heel (hopefully) who is helping me write this post, disagrees. She is just too young to understand how incredible this place is. I think the value Chapel Hill holds in your heart appreciates with time; the longer you are away, the more you see how great this place is. Lets just start with the most beautiful color in the world - Carolina blue. It must be God's color because the sky in "heavven" is matches the Tar Heel uniforms. So incredible is this shade of blue, that the Chapel Hill fire department has blue fire trucks (My nephew Will is itching to see a blue truck!!)

I hope that fate goes the way of the Tar Heels today as they face the University of Miami Hurricanes on the basketball court. We will see. Look for me and my fam at the Dean Dome!!!

I will write more about the escapades of the Dawson Family in Chapel Hill later. Right now, I have to go visit all the hotspots on Franklin Street. I cannot wait to get myself a slice of Broccoli and Cheddar from P&P. YUMMMMM.

xx rache


Eastern Vikings said...
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Alli said...

My most favorite place in the whole world!!!
Great writing Rach.. Obama, CH, P&P.. life doesn't get much better!
Miss you xx al