Sunday, July 26, 2009

You Don't Know Me Now

Bold, Fearless, and Determined.
Honest and Pure.
Free of Limitation.
A Dream. Of the Heart.

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Anonymous said...

Hi rachel. I know that you will probably never get the chance to read this but oh well. I am a 7th grader at your middle school ( go lions) and i have the olympic dream. I highly doubt you have any idea who i am, but ask sarah, hannah, or mel. Maybe they can help you out. Or maybe you remember my little sister maura who was dying to meet you at the last camp you and yor sisters did. Ok im getting off topic, but the truth is you're like the me i wanna be when i get older. I confess that i am about as obsessive about writing as i am about fh or at least a close second. I live to play field hockey. I crave the sweat that drenches me from head to toe at practice. I look forward to feeling of barely being able to move my legs because im so sore. I dont take the bruises i receive during fh games as just another injury. I treat them as battle scars. I earned each one doing something i love. I am two years away from playing for hilieg at eastern and i pray and hope i make varsity. Also, i come from the same club team as you, SPIRIT OF USA:) I will be representing them in the U14 national club championship. I also have a major tournament coming up for futures. If i do good, i might b able to get down to virginia for the very first year being on futures. But, doing well on these things only leads me to a bigger goal, olypic gold. Thats my dream and i would love it if you helped me. Just give me a few pointers on what to do in the weeks to come and how to get to the olympic level. Thanks in advance!
From, Kayla