Monday, February 15, 2010

Mendoza Update

My name is Rachel. I am a procrastinator. Its one of my major pitfalls. You see, right about now, I should be packing (and by packing I mean randomly stuffing) my clothes into my travel bag, but instead I find myself writing the blog report.

In our first match against Argentina, we fell short of victory - 2 goals short. We played well, strong defensively, but could not get on the scoreboard. So we did not play well enough to earn the W. Tonight we have an opportunity to earn what we left on the table last night. We will play our final match in Mendoza (the home of the Malbec wine) this evening at 7:30 Argentine time.

After the match, we have a late night barbeque, followed by a red eye bus trip over the mountains to Cordoba. I am envisioning the bus trip to be "league of our own" style. I could see Lee doing a great rendition of Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan, manager of the Rockford Peaches. Growing up it was always one of my favorite movie - the whole sport / sister theme always struck a chord with me.

In Cordoba, we will play four matches, 2 more against Argentina and one each against Belgium and Chile.

Hockey aside, life's been grand. A few of us rendez-vous'd to the Winery to make a few cheeky wine purchases. As early stated, Mendoza is renowned for the Malbec grape that grows in the region. Today, as we know, is Valentine's Day. One lucky gal on the team, M. Ford received a special delivery of red roses from her beau in Michigan. They look beautiful on our coffee table.

Sara "Betty" Spagetti, M. Ford, and myself have taken up watching a new Showtime series, United States of Tara. We have found ourselves in hysterics laughing over the different states of Tara (she has multiple personalities). The show is a real gem if you enjoy a bit of outlandish, crude, dramatic humor. I need to hop to my packing...its almost game time. Can't wait.

GO USA!! Stay tuned for more. . .

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