Saturday, September 13, 2008

Moving Forward

Now that the Olympics have concluded, and the Olympic buzz is slowly starting to wear off - I am beginning to settle down in "normal" (whatever that is) life. I am currently back home in New Jersey, spending time with my family and friends. It is an interesting point in my life, as I sit in a crossroads holding the power to choose the direction of my life. In the past, my decisions have always been guided by my commitment to education - high school, college etc. Then, after I graduated from UNC in December, the opportunity to pursue the Olympics just seemed waiting for me. It was impeccable timing to say the least. Now I sit and wonder where the road should go next - do I pursue hockey further or do I embark upon a new path. But perhaps, the answer is pursue both - use the pursuit of hockey to lead me toward a new path.

I state this with an edge of predictability, because I know where I am headed. I have decided to continue to play hockey for a club team in Holland. I will be heading off to Europe tomorrow for what I anticipate to be the adventure of a lifetime. In the Netherlands, hockey clubs possess both a competitive and social function. It is neat (and quite different from the US model) because members of all ages play the sport. I am looking forward to enjoying hockey in a new way. Not to mention, the incredible cultural experience that awaits.

I will keep you posted on the travails of my travels. All the Best!!

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