Friday, September 5, 2008

Poem Written Before Olympics

Hi all. I wrote this poem on the morning of August 5, before the start of the Olympic Games. I was up entirely too early (still adjusting to the time difference), when I felt compelled from my sleeplessness to write a poem. I hope you enjoy.

by Rachel Dawson

A new day has dawned;
The suns hazy glow has fell upon,
the silken grass and lilly pads
of China's new, rebuilt past.

One Nation has opened itself unto the world;
In this offer, the gleam of an ancient pearl,
as we hope for the herald of peace,
dreaming that what is west will merge with what is east.

It is in the vision that through competition
we will conquer the doomed beast of power,
so that eventually, triumphant our world will sing,
in the glory of unity at dawns tranquil hour.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you really have a talent when it comes to writing.

Thank you for sharing.

Best of luck.