Saturday, September 13, 2008

Moving Forward

Now that the Olympics have concluded, and the Olympic buzz is slowly starting to wear off - I am beginning to settle down in "normal" (whatever that is) life. I am currently back home in New Jersey, spending time with my family and friends. It is an interesting point in my life, as I sit in a crossroads holding the power to choose the direction of my life. In the past, my decisions have always been guided by my commitment to education - high school, college etc. Then, after I graduated from UNC in December, the opportunity to pursue the Olympics just seemed waiting for me. It was impeccable timing to say the least. Now I sit and wonder where the road should go next - do I pursue hockey further or do I embark upon a new path. But perhaps, the answer is pursue both - use the pursuit of hockey to lead me toward a new path.

I state this with an edge of predictability, because I know where I am headed. I have decided to continue to play hockey for a club team in Holland. I will be heading off to Europe tomorrow for what I anticipate to be the adventure of a lifetime. In the Netherlands, hockey clubs possess both a competitive and social function. It is neat (and quite different from the US model) because members of all ages play the sport. I am looking forward to enjoying hockey in a new way. Not to mention, the incredible cultural experience that awaits.

I will keep you posted on the travails of my travels. All the Best!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Poem Written Before Olympics

Hi all. I wrote this poem on the morning of August 5, before the start of the Olympic Games. I was up entirely too early (still adjusting to the time difference), when I felt compelled from my sleeplessness to write a poem. I hope you enjoy.

by Rachel Dawson

A new day has dawned;
The suns hazy glow has fell upon,
the silken grass and lilly pads
of China's new, rebuilt past.

One Nation has opened itself unto the world;
In this offer, the gleam of an ancient pearl,
as we hope for the herald of peace,
dreaming that what is west will merge with what is east.

It is in the vision that through competition
we will conquer the doomed beast of power,
so that eventually, triumphant our world will sing,
in the glory of unity at dawns tranquil hour.