Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Courageous Four

Four pairs of legs dangled over the dock, while the minds of four children were entranced by the ticking tock of the bays clock. Bored and tired these four children had become, because it seemed their great plan was slowly coming undone.

All day long, the four children had sat by the bay, patiently waiting for their ship to come so they could sail away. For today they had intended, to sail to world’s never known, and never pretended.

But the sun had slowly faded, and their eagerness, like month old milk, had become dated.

The youngest Ellis of Yellow leaned upon William of Green who sat nestled, as if in bed, beside Logan of Red. And all of them rested upon, Kylie of Pink who carried upon her shoulders the weight of the kitchen sink.

She thought, “How has this day become so long? I cannot remember when the sun last met the breaking dawn. Nearer now seems that the sun shall be set. And, oh no, oh no, the goal of our task is not yet met. What, now, shall we do? Will we be able to save the baby in blue?

The growing doubt made her pout. But the day had not always been this way. They had set upon their adventure with the eagerness of four children at play.

In the early hours before noon, they sang songs in the cheeriness of an inspired tune telling stories so true, of the little baby who had come wrapped in a blanket of blue.

But for a while, the singing had stopped. And all they heard was the ticking of the clock.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. The dock rocked. The children lulled. Their spirits dulled. From each other and the task, they were pulled. Away. Away. Away. With what reason had they started the day?

Then all of a sudden, the voice of the youngest started budding. And like a young flower the voice grew, and the attention of the elders, it drew.

Slowly, the sound became profound. And little Ellis of yellow, with a voice deep and loud, both loud and proud, sang about the quest they knew, the quest to save the baby in blue.

“Oh little baby, strong, strong, strong, in this world may you play, long long long. For it is the quest of the Courageous Four to find the healing cure that will give you strength to endure, dure, dure.

We, the Courageous Four, are sure, that life, for the baby in blue, has tons more in store. So baby of blue, we, the Courageous Four have come to save you.

It is I, Ellis of Yellow, an interesting and artsy fellow, the son of sunshine, who must keep the spirit high in low tide.

And Logan of Red, a boy bold of heart, who has become the protector of peace, defending us from danger right from our journeys start.

And William of Green, a boy curious, wise and smart, is our man of mind, the scientist who will guide us with reason through the duration of our journey’s time.

And last of the four, is Kylie, the lady of pink, a girl bold enough to think without the slightest eye’s blink that we four children can achieve our mission so long as we believe that what we do will save the Baby in Blue.

So trust, trust is a must, as we sit on the cure’s cusp. Little baby in blue, this we ask, stay strong, strong, strong, so long, long, long that we are on our task. For we dream of a day when the Four will become Five. And that means, Baby in Blue, that you are still alive. ”

Ellis of Yellow had uttered the final word, and the silence of night was the only sound left to be heard. And in the silence, the four children found relief, for they found a renewed sense of belief.

So the Courageous four let go of the day, the day they sat by the bay waiting for the ship that had never come to take them away.

And letting go was for the best, because now, quite at peace, on the dock, the children came to rest.

And as they rested, high up in the sky, the moon was shining bright, shining its light down upon four dreaming children sailing away in the night.

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