Friday, August 1, 2008

The Journey Begins. . .

Wow. Wow. Wow. And the journey to Beijing begins tomorrow. Training in Chula Vista concluded yesterday with a fantastic session in the heat chamber. Our coaches and trainers surprised us with a "special" session - instead of the normal lifting circuit, we were treated to water balloons, water guns, and a slip 'n slide. The team enjoyed the stress-free fun and relief of the newly named "water chamber."

Later in the evening, USA Field Hockey Technical Direction Terry Walsh hosted the team and staff to his beautiful San Diego home for an Olympic Send Off. The highlight of the evening (besides the tour of Terry's home) was the presentation of the Olympic Game Uniform. Under Armour created a new red, white, and blue uniform for the Olympic Games. The uniforms are absolutely incredible - I can't wait to wear it with pride in our first game on August 10th against Argentina.

Tomorrow we head up to San Francisco for team processing. From San Fran, we finally head to Beijing on August 2nd, my birthday. I couldn't think of a better place to be going on the day that marks my 23rd year. The fact that I will be traveling on my birthday is not atypical. Since I can remember I have been on the road for my birthday - whether I was traveling for my sisters AAU Jr Olympics or a National Team tour, it wouldn't be my birthday without a 5 hour drive or perhaps, a 12 hour flight to Beijing!!! How Perfect!!

Well, I ought to start prepping for bed - I have a 5am wake up tomorrow!!! Good night All!!!



Rachel Have the greatest time of your life. Your BCS Hockey family is very proud of you and all the girls. Bring home the GOLD to BERLIN! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!!

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for keeping us all back here in Berlin, NJ updated on your training. The Courier Post even has a link to your blog on their website. To keep all of South Jersey updated.

I look forward to following you and the team thru this blog and the TV.

Best of Luck and bring home the gold.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!


John Dawson said...

Awesom Dawson you are remarkable. Have a safe and wonderful experience. Looking forward watchng the games half way around the world now in Hi-Def. Not as exciting as being there...right brother Dave?

Uncle John