Monday, August 4, 2008

We Made It. . .

After a long three days of travel, we have landed and settled into the Olympic Village. I cannot explain the eager anticipation I felt as I flew over the Pacific to Beijing. It was thrilling to imagine all of the exciting experiences that await us.

Thus far, the scenery in Beijing is breathtaking. The architecture of the village and the Olympic facilities is indescribeable. We were given a passing glance of the Birds Nest on our ride into the Olympic Village - let me tell you, it is a massive structure whose beauty lies in its intricacy and detail.

We traveled over to the Olympic Green today and had our first training session on the Olympic field. It was nice to get our legs back under us after the long days of traveling.

Well, there will be more to come in the following days about life at the Olympics. For now, its time for bed - so I can hopefully adjust my body to the 15 hour time difference between Pacific Coast time and local Chinese time!!

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Somers' Girls said...

Hey Rach,
Guess who's writing to you? The Somers' Girls! We're Kayla (9), Petyon (7), Tara (6), Maura (3), and Brynn (1). We are your biggest fans. Our family sits in front of yours at church. You're family ROCKS! We all wish you luck in Beijing. Make sure you keep focused, have fun, and most of all go for the gold. We are looking forward to seeing you rock in the Olympics. All of us wish you luck!
Your fans,
The Somers'