Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One Point Ties

Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose; and three times we tied - and unfortunately, ties didn't give us the point total we needed to go through to the medal rounds. The tie to Great Britain left a bitter taste in my mouth - it was extremely disappointing not to get a result because we feel that we are fully competent of succeeding at this level. I believe we have proved that we can play with the best in the world - the next step is proving that we can beat the best (consistently). Tomorrow, we play Spain in the 7/8th classification match. This game will be a great opportunity to play a highly skilled and talented opponent; it is an opportunity to get a win against a quality side. And it will be our last opportunity to showcase USA Field Hockey in the 2008 Olympic Games.



Anonymous said...

Win, lose or draw, we in the south Jersey community could not be prouder. Proud of the effort, the performance against world class opponents and most importantly, in the character you and the team have displayed. Thanks for being a representative of our country, state, region and sport we can all look up to.

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Anonymous said...

You girls rocked no matter the out come. I loved watching the games. I saw every game, best of luck!

a local girl in jersey

Aunt Joanne said...

we are so proud of you in Conshohocken Pa. You are the best!
You have represented our country with dignity and grace also you looked beautifull on the field.
Love ya!
Aunt Joanne

Maria said...

Best of luck with your next game. Everyone in South Jersey is very proud of you, Rachel.

Steve Dilger said...

Rachel, Keep your chin up. We are all so proud of your efforts and accomplishments. USA Olympic pride still exists! By the way, your dad coached me in basketball "back in the day", I went to school with Aunt Joanne, and knew Aunt Cindy from Eagles games. Enjoy the rest of your time and the unbelievable experience it must be. Sorry, I didn't get to write sooner. Steve Dilger Greer, SC

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of the USA women's field hockey team and the rest of the US atheletes. You all are trying so hard and doing a Great Job. Be Proud of yourselves because we back home sure are!

Anonymous said...

It was great watching you play in the Olympics.

You represented your family, town, schools, state, and country very well.

Thank you so much for keeping us all informed through your blog. It made me feel like an insider.

All of us in Berlin can't wait until you get home.

Anonymous said...

You are all winners, no matter what. You went to the Olympics to play field hockey!!! How many people can say they've done that in their lives? The team played hard and as long as you had fun, that is what counts. Savor the moments, take lots of pictures, and remember that you are an elite athlete representing the USA!!

We are so proud of you!!!

Have a safe trip home!
The Padavano family (Voorhees, NJ)

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you and your teamates! I am the little blonde girl from the bouncing bulldogs. You jumped double dutch with us. we are back in town so have a fun time in beijing! stop by our gym sometime!

hey said...

Good luck to you and your teamates. i am the little blonde girl madeline from the bouncing bulldogs. we saw you in beijing and you jumped double dutch with my teamates and I. we are back in town and hopefully you will do in beijing. please stop by our gym

Princess Mo said...

I want to be an olympic field hockey player what do you think I should do to get ready???