Thursday, July 3, 2008

And the games begin. . . tomorrow

So after many days of training in Germany, we will finally start our matches tomorrow. HOORAY. Training has been pretty intense as of late since we are in the final build up phase to the Olympic Games. But enough about Hockey. . . let me tell you about what we have been doing while here in Germany. . . Our hotel is pretty cool because it doubles as a Horse Track and Golf Club. There has yet to be a horse race since we have been here, but I imagine it is pretty amazing. We have been training at a German Club right near our hotel. The club is beautiful - quaint and picturesque. It has clay tennis courts, a pool, an 18 hole golf course, a hockey pitch, a sprawling grassy area and a workout facility. It has many other features including a restaurant and indoor hockey gym - but I am sure we haven't even explored most of the club yet. Yesterday, after lifting, as part of our recovery, we had a pool session. The water was immaculately clean and refreshing. The lining of the pool was actually made of a tin or tin-like material which I had never seen before. Later in the day after our training session, a few of us returned to the pool (we had an hour to veg before eating dinner). The scene was a lot less serene - the pool was crawling with young, boisterous kids who were horsing around. There was no lifeguard on duty and we could not get over how chaotic and wild the scene was. The kids were dunking one another, running around the pool, pushing each other in, and doing crazy dives into crowded areas. It looked like a child's paradise and a mothers nightmare. But I can't lie, I was dying to get in on the game of diving catch !!!

So in my last blog, I tried to post a video of the Cafe we created at the end of the hallway; unfortunately the internet has been a little slow, and the video refuses to properly upload. Drip, Drop, Fizz is the hallway hangout during our downtime. Keli Smith, Kelly Doton and I are the primary coffee drinkers while Sara Silvetti is a constant fixture on the internet scene. Amy Tran is a supplier of gummy sweets while K. Smitty supplies the goods for our chocolate fix. It is a pretty happening spot as many people stop by for a laugh, a chat, or just to say hello. Haha. . .I am actually writing this blog from the Cafe. . .Ok, now back to my coffee. .. .

Oh Yeah, Happy Fourth of JULY - its America's Birthday!!!!!! We will be celebrating abroad, but be sure to think of us as you watch the fireworks because its pretty likely we won't be seeing any. Maybe we ought start some fireworks in our match. . .

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