Friday, July 18, 2008

Its been a while...

So we concluded our European tour with a 2-2 draw with the #1 side in the world, Holland. I was happy the tour ended on a more optimistic note than it got off to in Germany. The tour marked a difficult training phase in our preparation but one that the coaches assure us is pivotal to our performance at the Games.

After the tour, we returned to our home base in sunny San Diego. We train at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista. We surely missed the awesome amenities of the OTC - the great food, awesome training facilities, and not to mention the incredible weather.

In other exciting news, I went to the ESPY Award Show in LA a couple of days ago. The experience was a whirlwind - I have never seen a larger congregation of acclaimed athletes and celebrities in my life. I took my Mom as my guest and we had a wonderful time enjoying the event. Fellow Tar Heel Tyler Hansbrough was also in attendance and I enjoyed having the chance to catch up with him about the happenings in the Hill.

Even though the event was amazing (I mean I saw Jerry Rice, TO, Becks, and JT), I was relieved when it finally came time to return to Chula Vista and to focus on what is most important right now, training for the Olympic Games. It is this hard training, the challenging phases and the persistence through difficulty that makes the journey worthwhile - and it is the journey that is at the very heart of sport.

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