Tuesday, July 8, 2008

European Tour Continued. . .

So we concluded our three game tournament in Germany and have changed our residence to Germany's neighbor, Holland. The German tour did not go exactly as planned - we failed to get a victory as we had a few difficult matches which highlighted areas of our game we need to improve before we head to Beijing. For more information on the matches you can check out usfieldhockey.com. We have a long (yet short in time) road ahead of us. But we have an incredible opportunity this week to play against the #1 team in the world. Holland and Germany play a very similar style so it will be a could opportunity to implement some of the lessons we learned from Holland.

We are staying in Den Haag, Holland. Our hotel is right on the beach - unfortunately summer weather here isn't quite like summer in San Diego! It has been terribly stormy and windy here. Yesterday, we had to go on a 40 minute run on the boardwalk - for 20 minutes we ran dead against the wind and rain and it felt like it was hailing on us!!! Jesse Gey and I had to duck our heads to create a breaker against the wind. I think it was more of resistance training than a recovery!!!

I am totally pumped to be in Holland because two of my best friends from college live here in the Den Haag, and I got to see them last night! It is always fun to catch up with old friends and have a good laugh!!!

Well off to training!!! Take Care and have a splendid day!!

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