Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Morning

Good Morning!!! Its Monday morning and I am sitting at my kitchen table, drinking a cup of coffee, enjoying a bagel with pb, and gearing up for our last full week of training in Chula Vista. We have a pretty full day ahead of us - a morning training run, a couple of meetings, and then a rendez-vous in the heat chamber. Now the heat chamber is not nearly as sinister as it sounds. It is a tent that is heated and humidified - its purpose is to acclimatize our bodies to the temperture and humidity of Beijing. We perform a 48 minute lifting circuit in the chamber and measure our heartrates during the workout to ensure that our bodies are adapting. Although it isn't always the most enjoyable or comfortable activity, I trust that it will help us once we arrive in Beijing.

Well, I hope everyone has a great start to their weeks - and if not, just remember, its just another maniac monday!!!!!


Brian said...

The heat chamber sounds a lot like the triangle today; very hot and very humid! Good luck in China, enjoy yourselves and enjoy the anthem!

Jose Rodriguez said...

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