Friday, July 25, 2008

fri -DAY

Its Friday morning, and you know what that means, almost the weekend. We finished up Thursday with an intense conditioning practice (but our last round of shuttles for a while) and intersquad scrimmage. The scrimmage witnessed moments of brilliance in the level of play, but overall, it was difficult to maintain such a level because of fatigue.

After training we had special visitors join us on the Turf. The kids from Jesse, Kasold, OD's, and Falgo's neighborhood dropped by to take a picture with the team. They also brought cards for each team member. My card had a great quote on it:

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And Today? Today is a gift! That's why we call it the the present." - B. Olatunji

On tap for today is a morning training run immediately followed by a session in the heat chamber. Besides a run on Saturday, we have the entire weekend off. I am looking forward to relaxing, perhaps hitting up the beach or Balboa Park.

Unfortunately, my sister Sarah (who is also my roommate and teammate) and I need to begin our preparations for moving out of our apartment (which is a task I am NOT looking forward to). I am not the best planner in terms of moving and I just cannot believe that our 8 month stay here is coming to close. Sarah plans to play hockey in Belgium over the latter part of 08 -09, while my plans are TBD!!!

I have included in this post pictures from the OTC in Chula Vista. I hope you enjoy the beautiful sights of our California home. It is pretty picture-esque!!!

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Natalie Ashman said...

Oh Rach! I got sad hearing about you and Sarah moving out. I remember when you all started this CA adventure. I am so glad that the two of you were able to enjoy/suffer it together. :-)

Loved the pics and the American flags pics gave me chills. Wish I was playing in the Olympics with you. But then again - a lot of people do! I can hear the anthem being played as you all line up durning your first game. That was always my favorite part - being able to hear that song and know that it was mine. I can't wait to hear it on the Gold Medal Platform either. I am so pumped!

Happy Packing!